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Use selected text as title, tag or remark (while editing)

Bugatzki 5 лет назад обновлен Alex Jenter 5 лет назад 4

Editor commands to copy selected (marked) text and:
a) Use as Title (replace)
b) Use as Remark (add)
c) Use as Tag (add; routine needed to handle spaces)

Further distinctions are possible (copy or cut, replace or add) but maybe would overload the action.

(Bonus: No need for text selection, if the desired object is only one word. Choice would be the word next to cursor.)

editing tags

I'm not sure if I understand it right. If "move" means "cut and paste", concerning remarks, I think you are right. Otherwise in most cases I would like to keep the text. Wouldn't you?

I meant exactly that sometimes you want move, and sometimes - copy. Adding two separate shortcuts seems to be overkill. Does this feature really add that much compared to a simple Copy(Cut)/Paste? It saves just one keystroke. 

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