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A right-click option to VIEW note (not Edit mode but in dialog with vert scrollbar

Robert Shiplett 8 лет назад обновлен Alex Jenter 8 лет назад 4
The current dbl-click opens with edit insert in title when I only want to view a long note ( alternative would be resizeable notes in a section ?)

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Hi Robert

Where do you see the benefit of showing a note 'not in edit mode' in comparison with just opening it in edit mode?



I have more than once accidentally changed what I intended to leave "as is".

Think of it as "view source" as compared to "edit source".

Very often I want to see formatting but not risk inadvertantly changing that formatting.

Probably the default dbl-click should remain what it is now, as most users will expect it that way ... but I for one would appreciate the option to have more control over the "mode" in which source content is presented. 


ah, I see - so you want to protect your notes!
Is your decision to protect a note really spontaneous or do you need a read-only-flag?

This was requested here (and I don't know why it got so few votes):

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