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Чтобы такой ярлык заработал, нужно активировать опцию "Настройки - Система - Зарегистрировать протокол ссылок на заметки."

Hello John, thanks for the report! I confirm the bug. Will be fixed in the next update.

Meanwhile please use the Alt+Shift+F (or Right click -> Insert Link To -> File) to insert the link to file into note's text. This also gives you the ability to browse and pick the file.

Thanks a lot for your report, John! I agree this is not a exactly a feature. I have added it to the checklist for V4, will see what is possible to do..

Hello John,

Yes this was removed in 2.7 because very few people were using the feature and removing it greatly unified and simplified the code. We'll see how many people will vote for this idea. Also you might want to vote for Markdown support here:

Thanks for the suggestion. We will take care of that in the UI update.

Sorry I misiterpreted your original post. Indeed, copying note's Link field is not as straightforward. 

Note however that to navigate to this link your can just click on the arrow icon in the upper left corner of the note.

But will definitely take this into consideration for the CN4 UI. Thanks!