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Thanks, will get back to you as soon as I get the time to study the log.

Thanks a lot. This gets interesting. Could you please activate debug log in the Help menu, and then force the error to happen.

After that please send the generated log.N.txt file (where N is the largest number in the folder) to

Note that the logs are located either near cintanotes.exe or in %APPDATA%/CintaNotes.

Huge thanks in advance!

Yes, it seems that the database is damaged. Please load the database into the sqlite3 shell and run the "pragma integrity_check;" command and tell me the output. Thanks

It will be fully customizable raw HTML, so yes, you'll be able to tweak colors as well, provided that you know a bit of HTML and CSS.

Thanks for the suggestion!

We already have in plans providing a customizable HTML template for notes - would this fit the bill for you?

You'll be able to export using custom HTML template and then print it out.