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As you see V4 is still not released, this means that this feature can't be started yet. Sorry!

It is already possible. Select text and press Ctrl+K.

The toolbar is planned for next major version.

CintaNotes should use the system's time format. It's a bug it if doesn't. Please check what time format you have in the regional settings in Windows?

Hello and thanks for reporting!

Could you please tell how do you get this message? Is this repeatable? Thanks!

Thanks, will get back to you as soon as I get the time to study the log.

Thanks a lot. This gets interesting. Could you please activate debug log in the Help menu, and then force the error to happen.

After that please send the generated log.N.txt file (where N is the largest number in the folder) to

Note that the logs are located either near cintanotes.exe or in %APPDATA%/CintaNotes.

Huge thanks in advance!

Yes, it seems that the database is damaged. Please load the database into the sqlite3 shell and run the "pragma integrity_check;" command and tell me the output. Thanks

It will be fully customizable raw HTML, so yes, you'll be able to tweak colors as well, provided that you know a bit of HTML and CSS.

Thanks for the suggestion!

We already have in plans providing a customizable HTML template for notes - would this fit the bill for you?

You'll be able to export using custom HTML template and then print it out.