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but the problem is sort by after import... like tired of arrange it again... :(
yes, still same problem after export then import... but i always use alt+UP like one by one.. hehehe..
but please add enable/disable Recognize links in option dialog area. because i like cintanotes and replace it as default Notepad. make it simple :)
still not work :(

i tested other time after export and re-import XML.. then it mess up manual sort by list :(... in other time, move to the top still same error "SQLite Error 19: column num is not unique".....

export XML dont have feature: manual sort by list... T_T

i forgot to say "Portable"...anyway, im currently using CintaNotes 1.1C Portable (because run from dropbox folder) :)...
im currently using latest version of CintaNotes... its 1.1C =/