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Hello, Alex!

D:\Portable-CintaNotes>sqlite3 cintanotes.db "pragma integrity_check;"



In English:

Checked under Windows 7 64-bit in two versions of Cinta Notes (portable, installation).
Checked under Windows 7 32-bit in VirtualBox by running a portable version of Cinta Notes.
Checked version of PRO and Free.

In Russian:

Проверял под Windows 7 64-bit в двух версиях Cinta Notes (portable, инсталяция).
Проверял под Windows 7 32-bit в VirtualBox запустив портативную версию Cinta Notes.
Проверял версию PRO и Free.

By default, the search does not work this way, but if you set the search only by tags, then your method works!
Thanks you!