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I completely agree with burrum.  I think tag counts would be very annoying in tool tips, but shown in the interface (as per his mockup) would be extremely useful.  The lack of this feature is really the only thing left keeping me from switching away from my old evernote3.1 install (which I am eager to switch from) 

I just got an ipad and would love for cintanotes to have this functionality.

The other windows clients for simplenote don't look very appealing after using cintanotes for so long.

Also, I found cintanotes not being natively cross platform to be it's biggest drawback, which this would negate.

I think Cintanotes will quickly become the windows simplenote users favourite client - which would be good for the program as it would generate more income with the commercial version.

I think that, if this is implemented, Cintanotes should still keep it's option of syncing the local db through dropbox. Can't have too many backups :)

One concern... when categories/tabs are implemented will notes:

a) all sync somehow, using some sort of special tag for categories

b) user selects a category to sync to simplenote. Other categories are not synced (my preference)

I would also really love this feature. I want to migrate fully from Evernote :)
I enter notes that I have saved in text messages in my phone and set the creation date to the date I added it to the phone. Would love if I could do this in CintaNotes
Please! I have too many untitled notes :)
This would be useful for dragging Serial codes into input fields
also possible with docuwiki syntax
Might be worth looking at docuwiki syntax if researching implementing this feature.
I like the idea of an information bar instead of a pop up. If this is implemented, as well as being able to dismiss/remove it, you should be able to leave this infobar there as a reminder to upgrade in case you are not currently in a position to do so. i.e. it would still be there after exiting and re-opening cintanotes.
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