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I'm utterly dispappointed now this is implemented, not only there is no auto*-linking as i suggested but it's only usable when you have a payed licence, I can't even try it. IMO you shouldn't criple software and don't charge for personal use but get your money from business users.  Sorry, I stop contributing. 

notes with the same title in one database ? bad idea IMO, but in that case you could let it act as if you had clicked a tag, let the three notes be visible in the list-modus and let the user choose which one he wants to open

not necessary, the link-evaluating part could just be activated in the view modus, the links could also be kept in the db so that they wouldn't have to be evaluated on each view but only when saving edited notes

nuts? todo will just be hlighted as a link, you choose to click on it or not, a few false positives compared with a lot of ease, also the titel is normally not a single word

having to type nothing is still far better, if a note has the title "todo" then the todo in "some things todo is better than nothing to do" could be automaticly a link

That is a big diasppointment, autorecognition can't be that hard to implement..

No need for wiki syntax although it would be neat to link to add a tag like #this and a link like [that|this is the title of the note]. All you have to do is make a link of any text that is also the title of a note, without any markup needed and jump to that note if you click this link. Keep it fast and simple guys. So if you have a note titled "Using cintanotes inner hyperlink system" this would be a link by itself (without needing the ").

make %date look to the regional settings and support also something like %DD%/%MM%/%YYYY% %HH%:%MM%
(european date format as example)

keep it simple, if the title of a note comes in a text, highlight it and jump to the note if clicked, linking to a new note with [title new note] of selecting the text and chose "create link" option in the right mouse click menu.
Zulupad is a good example.