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Just wanted to start a similar request and saw this one ;-)
As this feature is already planned I want to share my thoughts about how to implement this...

I love the gmail approach with it's colored lables > it is simple, approved, familiar and flexible!
Maybe we could - in addition - color the whole note if only one colored tag is assigned to it.

On the other hand I really would NOT like to have 'special tags' for the color feature:
The reason: special tags like 'priority' or 'status' imply that people use notes in the special way they are intended (e.g. as tasks) and prohibits using colors for other uses.
fictitious example: if I want to color all my notes related to 'trees' green than priority won't help.

Of course many of us (including me) use CintaNotes also as taskmanager. So an additional feature for priorities is also welcome.
But I strongly vote for an approach that is more generic and harmonizes with the great flexibility of the current tags.

As it is already planned: Alex, could you give us a hint which implementation your have in mind?

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