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Maybe we could get a simple but quick enhancement. Hitting CTRL+H a second time applies a second color? (So the highlight feature would circle through primary color -> secondary Color -> no highlight).

This feature seems to be useful for some - but not all users - so we should try to Keep the solution simple. 

Just some thoughts I wanted to share :-)

THANKS - that's great :-)

For everyone who likes this request => you should also have a look at this request: and vote. ;-)

It's not exactly the same, but just as useful.

I didn't realize that this hasn't been already on the list.

I remember we discussed it here:

And I really hope this gets enough votes. It's nearly as great as real inline images but with less effort.


I definitely like this request. For me this is realated to "saved searches" . They would perfectly complement each other :-)

Wouldn't that be an ideal task for a dedicated backup tool? Even free ones exist (Syncback comes to my mind).

Sorry for beeing sceptical but isn't that like "reinventing the wheel"?

But maybe my comment is of some help if you weren't aware of free tools that could sync to an FTP server!?

I think this could also be useful for archiving protocolls and other information that you want to keep 'just in case' but have a I high probability of no longer beeing needed.

I suggest an easy switch to toogle this 'archive' -> "view/hide archived notes".

@Alex: thanks for adding my request

The original discussion can be found here:

I want to emphasize that this request is not tied to task management but is related to structuring information in general. It can be used to build task lists with subtasks but it can also be used for brainstorming, planning and similar things.

I hope to get number 2 !
I think tag based encryption would be the most flexible one :-)