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Let's put it this way: I was aware of this side effect and even think that it is necessary.
On the other side "gouping by tags" is the best idea I (!) had for my problem - maybe others have even better suggestions.

My problem is that I get a long list of tasks and those tasks belong to sub topics BUT the list is a 'mess' regardless whether I sort them by date or title. 
=> visual grouping the note list by tags (very handy to get an overview over long lists)

Today I noticed how important this feature would be. The tagging and filtering is very useful to find specific notes or reduce the list of notes. But what can you do to get a fast overview?

Lets say you have a long list of tasks and need to get an overview because you have to rework the priorities, status whatsoever? Those tasks all belong to sub-topics marked by a corresponding tag -  but you can't sort by those tags. My next thought was: even better than sorting by tags would be a grouping. So here we go...

Instead of having a long confusing list we could have something like:
tag1 - important tasks
 - note a
 - note b
 - note f
tag2 - tasks belonging to sub topic X
 - note b
 - note c
 - note d
tag3 - tasks belonging to sub topic Y
 - note e
 - note f

What do you think? 
I don't have any use of 'wisdom quotes' ;-) but this could be useful to remind me of things I should not forget. I just wonder if this should be a 'global option' like the screenshot suggests or if this should be an option per tag. This feature could complement the "reminders".
Yes - for me your suggestion is sufficient and clear. So my request could be merged. My concern is to split all the up votes to those similar requests.

Another point is, that I would prefer the ESC key to reset all filters. I don't need the current mulit step reset because if I want to start a new search, I want to start from scratch. I also understand that others may have other preferences so this could be an option.

But this is no real problem - we just have to wait for this request which is alread planned:
This is similar to my request suggestion 1.
So we should merge them and add the votes ;-)
I agree that my situation is a littel special. CN could remap drive letters to the one where CN is installed. If you don't like to implement this very special case - that's fine with me.
So if you prefer to only consider the installation folder and it's sub folders - please do so >> this at least would be consistent for a portable app because it then can be moved around without problems.

Is there a reason for limiting this to the folder (and subfolders) where CintaNotes is installed?
At the moment I have separated the portable applications from the data files:

If there is a reason I could reorganize my data files and move them in a subdirectory of CintaNotes. Otherwise I would prefer to keep it like it is.

yes, with intent
I want to sync the settings too
Hi Alex
As this request is very special (not a general solution for syncing) and also got some down votes I wonder what your strategy is regarding the different possible options a sync could be done.

Do you plan to implement every way of syncing that gets enough up votes?