Your comments

I would prefer a similar feature: if there is a path in the title , that part of the title is clickable (whether it's a local file or web).  Also (as an option) to have every path that exists in the notes should be clickable. (When I add a local file it would automatically turn into a link so I can launch that file from CN)

I like this feature and would prefer the images were stored in a separate folder. Would that work? Clipping an image could cause the following to happen: 1) the picture is automatically linked to the corresponding note, and 2) at the same time CN places a thumbnail to the note.

Could the use have the option to disable the image features?

Elsewhere I've seen this called a word cloud or tag cloud, like on the sidepanel of many blogs.  The more instances of the word, the larger the font.  This would be so useful!

Word clouds could also solve another feature request at the same time:  "Todo lists inside notes" (just write "todo" next to all your todos. To find them later, click "todo" in  the word cloud, and they'll all appear in the results list).