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Did You mean something like this?

///Perhaps it would be better to have something like this:
///Software/Designing(/Macromedia(/Flash /Dreamweaver) /Autodesk/3DsMAX)

For example, I have notebook containing only web links. When merging it with my main notebook, I'd like to move all its tags (with keeping their relative structure) to "Links" super-tag  as children.

May be... If talking about state, very nice example of using states is 3Ds MAX scene state manager. When using it, You can save and later restore any number of states (each state can include lots of settings).
I think Your idea is great, but it would be better if more than one state to be available to store/restore - Tree State Manager
Прекрасная идея - в этом случае Cinta станет в некотором роде персональной Википедией, но интуитивно понятнее и удобнее аналогов, таких как PersonalWiki или Zim.

Yes. While searching I have missed this topic...

Yeah, nice idea even if tag grouping will be created
I also need this features very much - drag&drop as well as multiple links, and link clicking (single left-click, like url) right on the note in list (without opening in editor)

Some tags should be included into multiple groups. So I guess, grouping should be not tree-type but something like "tagging of tagging" with two or more tag levels.

For example, music composed by me should be included into groups "Music" and "My Works". So, the group "Music" will contain music that I listen as well as music that I create. And the group "My Works" will contain music that I create and architecture designed by me. Then, the group "Architecture" will contain my projects as well as photos of famous buildings of the World.

Another example: "Fluid Simulation Methods" tag should be a child of "Physics" and "Geometry" groups because of near-equal relation to both these sciences.

And if multi-level grouping is allowed, both "Physics" and "Geometry" are included into "Science" super-group. In this case, "Architecture" should be included in "Science", "Art" and maybe in "Humanities" super-groups.

This structure can be defined as semi-lattice.


If people like CintaNotes interface for it's ease, there is no problem: they just will neither expand nor use upper tag levels - just use tags of basic (zero) level that is currently present in program. Also if level contains tags but is collapsed, in should be switched to "all tags" mode.

New levels of tags are needed when the number of tags in existing level(s) exceeds psychologically comfortable count limit which is individual for every person. Psychological researches give average value of items that can be perceived at the same time: about 7 items (from 5 to 9). So the more different data categories has person, the more levels of tags may be needed. I need sometimes 2 levels, sometimes 4...5 levels of tags, it depends on the case...