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I have been using a Windows 3.1 (no typo) version of Info Select for over 15 years, and can no longer "migrate" it to the latest Windows OS.  I've started using CintaNotes, but would like to be able to import that old binary data file (BASE.WD) into CintaNotes.  The result would be roughly 1000 newly created notes appended to my CintaNotes file.  This should be easy for the oldest versions of Info Select (pure text) ... probably harder for more recent versions.

    I will also post an alternative roadmap request that would work for me -- that is to be able to import from a delimited text file ("notes" separated by user-determined delimiter strings) into CintaNotes as multiple notes.  I wrote a small Python routine that extracted the Info Select data into a text file that is now my backup text copy of my old InfoSelect data.  But this idea could be of more general use.