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Unfortunately it has some data I would like not to disclose.

Is there any task I could do to help catching the crash? (running debug build/tracing session/capturing memory dump)

A problem described in the topic is actually solved in 1.5.5p2, but the behavior was weird, so I created a related issue:
It says 151, and also shows some error:

If I reimport that .db into a clean 1.5.3, version is also 151 and same error displayed. If then take it and import into a clean 1.5.5p2, version becomes 1550 but the same error is shown.
Haven't thought of that for CN dates, though this is how I compare long strings (one below another). It makes sense now.
Sure. I'll check it when I get back home (in about 9 hrs).

It's absolutely not irritating. It's not even a "flicker" in the full meaning. Maybe "repositioning" would be more correct.

My question about intended change was more regarding this:

changed to this:

(personally I find first variant more organic from space usage perspective)

PS. Date icons are cool :)

1.5.5p2 - importing small sample .db-s works now, but it crashes on importing my main notes .db (461 notes). I'm using this .db in CN 1.5.3 right now. It imports about 428 notes and then "The program has stopped working" popup appears with details:

Problem signature:
  Problem Event Name:BEX
  Application Name:CintaNotes.exe
  Application Version:
  Application Timestamp:4f3726dd
  Fault Module Name:CintaNotes.exe
  Fault Module Version:
  Fault Module Timestamp:4f3726dd
  Exception Offset:001116aa
  Exception Code:c0000417
  Exception Data:00000000
  OS Version:6.1.7601.
  Locale ID:1033
  Additional Information 1:967d
  Additional Information 2:967deeb18b799d629b48b1d48044deaf
  Additional Information 3:7519
  Additional Information 4:7519631c357da284d70def3020eeb1f9

* A nearly same sized .db file is produced before the crash.
* A tray icon is left after the crash unless I hover it - it then disappears.
* If I copy (not import) that .db file to the 1.5.5p2 folder and run CN, it runs OK and does something with that .db (size changes). If I then move it to another place (leaving 1.5.5p2 with no .db), and re-Import it, it imports all 461 notes quite quickly. This makes me think the problem logic is isolated in Import module.
* I also tried re-importing that file into a clean CN 1.5.3 - it works (no crash), and then produced .db file can be fed to CN 1.5.5p2 and it also works with no crash for all notes. That particular .db file has something corrupted inside, but crash isn't a healthy thing anyway.
1.5.5p2 - confirm, modified date is saved on Ctrl+S instantly, but there's a change - in 1.5.5, in the editor, two date labels appeared in one row, and in 1.5.5p2 fix the mod date is on the next row. When I'm saving the note that has no mod date yet, there's a little noticeable flicker while redrawing layout to add one row for the mod date. Is it an intended behavior?

It doesn't disturbe my work in any way. From this point of view it doesn't require high priority. I posted it not to forget and because such things are not easily noticed, unfortunately.

The only bad effect coming to my mind is few more writes to my flash USB drive, but it's minor.

I'm currently using "TextFX > Tools" menu in Notepad++ for sorting lines. Feature suggested here is from the area of text processing, which generally envolves implementing text plugin system (or some kind of interaction with other programs that can handle the task). Today we want sorting, tomorrow we want trimming trailing spaces and the other day we'll ask for automatic compression of HTML code and debugging JavaScript.

My point is, if CintaNotes moves towards versatile text processing features, it would be reasonable to do it through plugins, because you never know what else people will ask for, and you cannot add ad-hoc text commands forever, the code will get messy and unmanageable. Personally I wouldn't mind that, but I lack advanced features so rarely that I don't mind doing it with other (largely available) tools.