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Any confirmation message should be optional to my mind.
You can always go further and make possible assigning custom icons to the notebook files.

But.. Will be there any need in this feature when tabs/multinotebook are implemented?

Currently I have 4 installations of CN (and planning to make 5th), but I imagine it in future as one instance with 5 tabs..
Just thought of the "find in note" box ten minutes ago :)

On topic: additional convenience may be achieved if all string instances matching currently entered search query are highlighted with some (configurable ofc) color.

And little detalization on the idea: cursor is set to the FIRST matching entry.
If this wasn't mentioned in the stage of architecture planning, some huge changes may be required to implement this.
Love, great. It's all about it.
While you keep all notes in memory, search can be fast.
But the question is, how would you navigate in hundred of notes stored as separate files? On a PC it's a job for CintaNotes, but on the mobile?
My bad. I'll read help next time :)
Firstly, I suggest making "Are you sure message" disablable, instead of fully getting rid of it.

Secondly, Recycle Bin function can be easily implemented using already existing tagging model: in the options window let user type a tag which would be exclusively used to mark deleted notes. Let's say user names it "bin", or "trash". When he hit's delete, note gets marked with tag "trash" (keeping all previous tags it was assigned).

And to make things more organic, the user-defined "trash" label shows near the "All" and "Untagged" system lables, so he won't see deleted messages browsing "All" or "Untagged" categories.

Thirdly, would be nice to Shift+Del notes so they get deleted instantly, without getting into Recycle Bin. Total Commander fans would appreciate :)
I just realized that Escape key in this scenario (new note window is open) functions as Ok button. I think it would be more logical that it functioned as Cancel button, so it's just an issue of command mapping.
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