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Hey, Alex, any news on this?

Alex, thank you for fixing that. But I have to confess I expected the standard text formatting behavior to be implemented. What happens now is that one can select a word or some text and then apply bold or italics to it. But the standard behavior still doesn't work: in Word, Libre/OpenOffice and even this User Echo comment form one can type ctrl+b to turn bold on, affecting whatever gets typed afterwards, then type it again to turn it off. The same with ctrl+i, turning italics on, even combining it other attributes, and switching them off whenever one wants. Can this behavior be implemented in CintaNotes?

Stickies is another software I use and it has a simple yet satisfying solution: typing "[", then "]" and "space" generates character 0xA3 of Wingdings2 font, which looks like an empty square (an unchecked mark): .

Then, if you double-click it, it becomes character 0x52 of that same font, which looks like a checked square (it's on the fourth line of the third column of that image):

And vice-versa: if you double-click it again, it becomes unchecked.

At the end, any note can contain this:

It would be AWESOME to be able to do this inside any CintaNotes note, and it shouldn't be hard to code...


(Source of the first two images:

(Source of the third image: personal screenshot)

This is a serious issue. Not for stability, of course, but surely for usability. I was about to report this bug when I found it posted already. Is it a bug or an absent feature?