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There are a few things that still irk me on Linux.

Incompatibility with scanners, printers for one.

Monitors are never as good as on Windows.

And other issues...

Still, Linux distros are usually more secure and app. load alot faster.

Curiosity is my killer disease, 'cause I always like to see what the latest have to offer and compare it to Windows.

That is good news Alex!

It will surely be a solid product when it makes the day.

Testing Ubuntu MATE since yesterday and it makes my 10 year old HP laptop just like new.

With latest Windows 10 May update full of breaking elements, think i'll switch now to Linux while still ahead.


It's funny 'cause i had an email sayin' a Linux project was "planned".

Was it on another thread?

Anyhow, an apk is always best.

Still hoping! ;)

Even better yet, Flatpak!

Good to hear this is now part of "planned" efforts! :)

CN could use Snap to reach out to most popular Linux platforms.

Btw, i know this thread is pretty old, just figure it was better to stay on same theme.

Check these guys out for ideas and see how they manage to sync to the cloud:

Good question!

I'm not a business manager or anything, but perhaps an entente could be made with them for their Cloudup service?


Seeing that Cintanotes is a friend of Simplenotes, then perhaps you will want to contact the top notch leaders responsible for Simplenotes in the first place:

They are good people and I am sure you will find help there.

Too bad SimpleNote doesn't handle other formats.

Dropbox seems to be next in line for reliability (EPIM has option to sync with them) and the basic free plan of 2G could match your basic plan too. Perhaps an entente with them could be done for premium users?