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It would be great feature, that brings complete freedom to how information is stored. Now I can edit text, titles, tags, links, and only date is fixed.

Edit date is a number one feature for advanced information management. It so hard to change dates in sqlite managers, im still havent figured how, and it almost impossible with lots of notes.

Please, Alex, say that you already working on it, and I could edit dates in near releases!
Alex, you right, set password via right click will be much better. I just forgot that i can do right click on tags :)

Maybe just force-collapse protected note in notes list? Like so —

However, it will be problem if title must be secret to, or if there is no title at all on bunch of private notes, they will look the same.

What do you think?
Encrypted notes will make cintanotes the center of my digital universe! Now i keep some notes in different places, where i can make them private. If cintanotes will be able to password-protect notes, it will be awesome. I can keep all my stuff in one program then, so cool.

Maybe it will be great feature to make tag-based password? So you make a tag, assign a password for this tag, and then all the notes with this tag are password-protected. So to lock note you only need to add a tag to it, and to unlock -- remove that tag.

For example, you create new tag "private", mark it as "password-protected", assign password to that tag. And then just mark some notes as "private" on the go. The fastest way i can imagine.

Maybe something like this? Alex, what do you think? How do you see this feature?