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What I see coming up with "notes as tasks" are requests for hierarchical tasks (and hence hierarchical notes).

You've gotta be sure if you want to go down that road. ;-)
Thanks. So if a feature is marked "planed" but "external" will be part of the core app?
If implemented, please make this something optional, ideally an add-on/plug-in. In-place editing is what EverNote does, and it does not feel very smooth when you have thousands of notes of varying size. I suspect getting this right for real-world use will keep bearing maintenance problems a long way on.

Besides, there is nothing wrong with the current pop-up editor. We *can* edit notes already. There are features that are more needed than this.

Please don't compromise the brilliant simplicity and lightness of SN. :-)
EverNote supports some sort of ToDo's with checkboxes and all, too. Or at least EverNote 2 did. What they do is to combine that with their auto-categories feature and auto-assign the "ToDo" category to notes containing ToDo items. To me, this innovative approach seemed very promising at first, but it turned out that in practice it felt less organized than I needed.

My point is that a harmonic mixture of time management and note taking, however appealing, is really hard to design right (at conceptual level) for it to support a smooth work flow in all its varieties. In fact I think it's even impossible, as no one concept will ever fit all needs. So I sure hope this is going to be implemented as an optional add-on.