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Such a sync option would be great!
This is also somethink I'd like very much. I'm currently moving from Mac to Windows. On my Mac, I used nvALT (a Notational Velocity fork), which I liked very much. In nvALT, notes are stored as separate plain text files. If I place a new text file in the data folder, it is picked up by nvALT automatically. Advantages:

- Data is portable and safe. I know pretty sure .txt files will always be readable.
- I can easily edit notes in other applications
- I can easily add files from outside, e.g. from my phone or from another application.

Search in nvALT is extremely fast, I can even do simple formatting (bold, italic), which is saved in a separate file, and it sync to simplenote. In other words, I don't think saving notes as plain text necessarily compromises other features.

Cintanotes is the best replacement for nvALT I could find, and I make backups by exporting to plain text regularly, but an option to store notes as plain text would be very welcome.