Your comments

I see what you mean. It does create a new note for each remark. That's manageable. What I don't like is that you have to double-click on the note link to read it. I think it would be better if the note could appear when you mouse-over the link, instead of having to double-click.

Or an even more elegant solution (but more complex to code) would be to superscript an annotation in the text, then add a footnote in the remarks and the two are automatically linked and numbered. Then, whether you add a footnote above or below it, the numbering changes automatically, kind of like page numbering. Now that your text has a footnote, it also automatically becomes a link and when you mouse-over it, a pop-up box appears with the footnote so you don't have to go look around in the remarks section to find the right footnote. This makes your notes and footnotes into a single note, so in effect reduces complexity in the database.

I think this feature would really help Cintanotes differentiate itself from other note database tools available.
What I want is to be able to display this in my note:
Here is some text1. Here is some more text with another annotation2. And another one3.

And then in the Remarks text box, I could put:
1: This is actually a German translation.
2: Ink LLC bankrupt itself in order to print those few words.
3. One is also the number before two.