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Hey Alex,

That worked perfectly, I currently have 3 computers accessing my CintaNotes database on my LAN. I will keep you updated if I run into any future problems with this setup. However currently it seems to be working fine.

Thank you for your responce.
I have been using CintaNotes for about a year now. Using CintaNotes 2.6, I was able to put the .db file on a network and access it from multiple computers. I've recently purchased the pro lifetime updates because of how useful I find this tool. However I have upgraded to Cintanotes 2.9 and somehow the datebase file has changed, and I can no longer have multiple instances of Cintanotes accessing a single database file. I've looked hard to find a workaround or solution, I am not able to use dropbox as our LAN is in an offline environment. I have attempted to use sync programs to sync the cintanotes.db file from computer to computer but the sync program seems to create a lock on the database file and then Cintanotes can not access the file.

This seems to be a related post however its 5 years old. I don't want to create a new entry in the forums since this is already in your "roadmap" could I get an update on the status of this. Or perhaps a workaround that someone has discovered?