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Or I suggest choosing color for any single note. Let the user decide if red is “urgent”, green “done”, yellow “to think about” or “dream” or whatever. Everybody can work out a unique system. It is more flexible.
It is like a sort of parallel (color) tagging (hopefuly with the search opportunity). It is important that the user can assign any meaning to any color by oneself. But the quantity of colors to choose should be restricted (to keep it easy).
Normal/High/Low - too complex!!! I suggest only “high priority” with red color. In the most of cases you really need to see what is urgent or important at the moment.
CN is cool and easy to use note organizer. Project (or time, life) organizer is another stuff. It is better not to mix them.
"if people really want file and image as notes attachments they can simply reference the file name/location as part of the note" - true! + simple file references are in CN 1.3. It is enough.
If you are going not only store short notes but also to revise, edit and develop them, you need basic formatting badly. It is also true in case of huge notes. I use CN at initial stage of book and article writing and vote for the new feature.