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I'm more interested in the ability to write basic notes on the mobile device and then be able to read them on my pc, rather than the other way around.

I'm very interested in some way to sync between cintanotes and a mobile app via wifi only (or just an ability to regularly download notes from my mobile device to my main pc wirelessly - even without syncing). An actual mobile version of cintanotes would be great, but I will settle for just being able to sync or send notes over wifi using another mobile note-taking app. I do not want to store my notes in the cloud, which is why i don't want to use simplenote.

Why not make it so that the user can name the colored states and/or create custom-colored states? There is photo tagging software with this ability and it's really awesome. I can't remember which program I'm thinking of, but it may be Digikam - Digikam tagging is amazing. There are certain photo (and file) organization programs that deal with both tagging and flexibility for the user really well, and it would be great if cintanotes could implement some of what has already been implemented and tested by these programs. XnView is another photo program that does these things well. It seems like there's no reason to reinvent the wheel when it comes to some of these awesome organizational concepts!