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Omni Notes can import from Springpad JSON archives. This is as close as it gets as far as I could find. Still, two-way automated syncing with CN's own app highly preferred ;-)

Exacly. Another reason is they might DISAPPEAR someday or cease to function to your liking. It happens. All the time. I do use cloud services, but only for convenience and not for storing unencrypted sensitive data, or relying on them for permanent storage.

I know about EssentialPIM. It is an overly complicated and fragmented calendar program with different calender views except a monthly list view. Different sections for for example contacts and passwords with fixed entry fields. They took the trouble cramming in an e-mail client but forgot about RSS. No way to move a 'task' to 'notes' or easily move notes around. The syncing part is about the only thing they do right IMO.
Besides, EssentialPIM is a good example that redesigning an interface, like CN is planning for 4.0, is not always well received.

I'm not saying local syncing is a new invention. There are even a few more programs for Windows and Android that can do this. I meant to say that for programs made for storing, organizing and retrieval of custom kinds of data in a conventient manner, like simplenote, onenote, nimbus notes, wiznote, it doesn't exist. At least none that offer a good advantage over syncing conventional files like text or office files or even chm or anything for which there are many readers on both platforms. I'm sorry about not getting my definitions clear for 'plain text files' and 'convenient manner' - I'm only trying to get the idea across which is difficult to describe but easy to understand by looking at the examples I just mentioned. I still think an offlin, Windows-Android syncing 'convenient enough' notes application will be unique.

It might be 6 years on your roadmap, but there still is no solution like this even elsewhere. What you will find are crappy solutions that offer no advantage over syncing plain text files, and people looking for the same thing.

Somehow there are solutions for Mac and iphone: SOHO Notes, Notebooksapp, DEVONthink... they can sync over USB, local WIFI and WebDAV. No cloud, no vendor lock-in.

But, somehow, still none for Windows and Android! You can be the first one!!