CintaNotes is a Windows application for fast and convenient note taking. It can clip text from any application on a hot key, has a powerful tagging system and effective full-text search capability.

Add support for spaces inside of tags

Nathan 1 месяц назад • обновлен Clairvaux 1 месяц назад 1
Add support for spaces inside of tags. For example "Jane Austen" could be a viable tag instead of requiring spaces to be replaced with a filler such as "Jane-Austen" or "Jane_Austen".

Methods for doing this:

  • Allow "bracketing" of tags, e.g. "[Jane Austen] books favorite" would be considered three tags instead of four as it would today.
  • Allow "escaping" of spaces with a special character, e.g. "Jane/ Austen books favorite" would be considered three tags as the space is "escaped" by the forward slash ("/").
  • Allow configurable tag delimiters, e.g. spaces (" ") could be changed to commas (","), e.g. "Jane Austen,books,favorite" (NOTE: Another method would still be required to handle commas within tags.)

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Option not to display note titles in notes list

Alex Jenter 2 месяца назад • обновлен EthanDavis59 2 недели назад 4

Is it possible to add an option to hide the Title bar in the Note List? (as per attachments)
I'm looking for note software that can just list note contents.

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Custom format for inserted timestamp

Alex Jenter 3 месяца назад • обновлен MJ1986 1 неделю назад 4

It should be possible to specify custom format for date/time that is inserted on F5.

editing date-time
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Import links

DrTeeth 3 месяца назад • обновлен Alex Jenter 3 месяца назад 3

When saving some text with some links in ot, it would be useful to be able to import the text from those links. The advantage is that the links may not last forever and so having the contents of the link would be an advantage.

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Search in attached files

Alex Jenter 4 месяца назад • обновлен 3 месяца назад 2

Would be great if CN could search inside of attached files, at least in most common document types - TXT, DOC, XLS, PDF.

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Show list of recent notes in system tray menu

Mitlenatch 5 месяцев назад • обновлен Helinos 4 месяца назад 2

For those of us who like having CintaNotes in the system tray, it would be a great improvement to provide 1-click access to recently used notes directly from the system tray icon's context menu (i.e. an MRU list).

This saves not only a click, but more importantly, the context switching that happens when you open a new window and navigate its list to find the note you want to see. Ideally, if you select a note from the system tray menu, only the note would have to be opened and not the main program window.

Suggestion: the context menu notes list could show the top items from whatever sorting regime is currently in place on the main window's notes list.

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"Create similar note" command

Alex Jenter 5 месяцев назад • обновлен 4 месяца назад 10

Add command to create a note with same section and tags as currently selected one.


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Copy/paste of a bullet list with multiple indent levels doubles the space between each indent

Adrian 1 неделю назад 0
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no system tray icon after startup

Boris Monti 1 месяц назад • обновлен 12 часов назад 2
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Sync with simplenote does not work

tom 6 месяцев назад • обновлен Alex Jenter 6 месяцев назад 1
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Другое поведение при создании связанных заметок

Hoakim Artramonov 7 месяцев назад • обновлен Alex Jenter 7 месяцев назад 4
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Problem with CintaNotes Icon on System Tray (Stretched /Blurry Icon) on High DPI screen (120 DPI /125%)

Indrayanto Suharko 1 год назад • обновлен Margaret1952 1 год назад 3
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Error when db file created time -(minus) local GMT offset < 01.01.1970 00:00

Ruzzz 3 года назад • обновлен EdwardMiller55 1 год назад 2

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Add text formatting toolbar in note editor

jerzyha 6 лет назад • обновлен Alex Jenter 2 месяца назад 11

Auto-hide and show when docked to screen edges

Alex Jenter 8 лет назад • обновлен 5 месяцев назад 7

Different view modes: Minimal, Compact, Normal

Alex Jenter 8 лет назад • обновлен 12 месяцев назад 27

Todo lists inside notes

Roger 8 лет назад • обновлен Alex Jenter 3 года назад 27

Undo function

Alex Jenter 8 лет назад • обновлен EdwardDavis84 1 год назад 6

Selecting text and copying to clipboard right in the notes list

Alex Jenter 8 лет назад • обновлен 1 год назад 13

use favicon from a web clipping to increase note's distinguishability

Jose Quesada 7 лет назад • обновлен Alex Jenter 5 лет назад 1

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Drag-and-drop text (and text files) into (and out of) CN

Alex Jenter 8 лет назад • обновлен 10 месяцев назад 3

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