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Thanks for the report! When after startup the icon is not there, but cintanotes.exe is running, do the system-wide hotkeys of CN work? Can you clip notes, for example?

I agree that "only if not blank" option is needed, thanks Gunars!

I agree wholeheadrtedly. But we need to refresh the UI and prepare CN for multi-platform first, we are doing it now. After that we'll be ready to tackle mobile versions.

Hello! We are grateful for your translation, but unfortunately can't give a lifetime license for it. So the answer is yes, you need to pay for a renewal, albeit the price will be reduced by 50%. Please visit and enter your email address to proceed. Thanks a lot in advance for supporting the project!

Добрый день! Мы очень признательны Вам за перевод, но к сожалению не можем дать за него пожизненную лицензию. Так что да, обновление лицензии нужно оплатить, оно происходит с 50% скидкой от полной цены лицензии. Просто пройдите по адресу и введите Ваш электронный адрес. Заранее большое спасибо за поддержку проекта!

Thanks for the comment! I think most probably it would really be custom, i.e. you'll specify a string like [%D %MMM %YY] as your format.