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Custom format for inserted timestamp

Alex Jenter 1 year ago • updated by anonymous 1 year ago 4

It should be possible to specify custom format for date/time that is inserted on F5.

editing date-time

Oh ! yes, very much so. I use Phrase Express instead, because the CN format is not to my liking. And please be generous in the selection of formats.

Phrase Express, a text expander and macro generator, does not have my preferred format, which is [1 oct 17]. So, when I need the date of the day in CN, I type "date" + Space + Enter, which inserts "1 oct. 17", then applies a macro to it to delete the dot. Ridiculous, but works.

Under review

Thanks for the comment! I think most probably it would really be custom, i.e. you'll specify a string like [%D %MMM %YY] as your format.