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When a lot of tags are added, sometimes it is necessary to quickly jump to a specific tag from the left panel. I can only do this manually (not through a search), but by scrolling a large number of tags alphabetically to the one I need (in this case, to correct the noticed error in the tag name).

In the top menu, I did not find such a functional on the transition, maybe there is some combination of pressed keys?

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You can enter the tag name into the search box (and even use autocomplete for that), then press Enter, and this tag will become selected on the tag sidebar.

By default, the search does not work this way, but if you set the search only by tags, then your method works!
Thanks you!

It also works in "All" mode, which is the default. Also you can use Alt+Enter and Shift+Enter to mimic Alt- and Shift- clicking on tags (NOT and AND operations)