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Display attachment symbol on Notes List bar

Bumpyride 3 years ago updated by Alex Jenter 3 years ago 3

There is no indication in the Notes List if a note has attachment(s) when the option "Preview Text Lines - Minimum" is set to 0 (i.e. a compact list), Only when "Minimum" is 1 or more, do attachment(s) become visible.

It would be nice to see something like the attachment symbol on a note's Title Bar, similiar to the Link symbol left of a title.

Image 192

As an added bonus, hovering over the symbol could show a list of attachment(s) with the ability select and open one.

file-attachments notes-list
Under review

Thanks for the suggestion! In the next major release, the attachments will be displayed in the notes list, please see the mock up here:


That is impressive! I am really looking forward to the next release now. Thanks for sharing the mock up.

Glad you liked it! But still will have to wait a bit I'm afraid