SQLite Error 14: unable to open database file

masmas il y a 14 ans mis à jour par Alex Jenter il y a 13 ans 6
I installed version 1.3 and now when I click the icon on the desktop this message appears.


Fix released in 1.4
Hi Alex

1) 1.2
2) C:\Program Files\CintaNotes
3) Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2
4) Yes
5) Where is this file? There isn't in C:\Program Files\CintaNotes
Thanks for the info! The settings file should be in C:\Users\%UserName%\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\CintaNotes\. Please send it to jenter@cintanotes.com
Yes, I followed the steps and now everything works fine. Sorry if I did not immediately answered.

I sent you the e-mail with cintanotes.settings
1) Are you running a 64 bit windows? No, 32 bit.
2) Have you accepted the default install location ("Program Files")? Yes.
3) During install, were there any messages about files that could not be overwritten? Sorry but I not remember.
I'm sorry. I don't see any "workaround steps" listed here? Please advise. I installed the upgrade to 1.3 and, like others, am receiving the SQL lite error. Win32, default location (program files), don't recall any msgs about files not being able to be overwritten. thanks!!
lamatl, here are the workaround steps:

1) Find the cintanotes.db and cintanotes.settings files in
Copy them to a safe location.
2) Uninstall CN using start menu entry.
3) Install CN into any folder outside of "C:\Program Files" and copy your old cintanotes.db and .settings files over into this folder.
4) Run CN
Fix released in 1.4