In-place (inline) note editing

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It should be possible to edit notes right in the notes list, without the extra edit dialog window.
editing notes-list complexity:hard
If implemented, please make this something optional, ideally an add-on/plug-in. In-place editing is what EverNote does, and it does not feel very smooth when you have thousands of notes of varying size. I suspect getting this right for real-world use will keep bearing maintenance problems a long way on.

Besides, there is nothing wrong with the current pop-up editor. We *can* edit notes already. There are features that are more needed than this.

Please don't compromise the brilliant simplicity and lightness of SN. :-)
Very good idea. In perspective it could decrease the number of windows to one. For me, less windows means simplier UI.

I suggest the following requirements for this feature:

1. It should be optional. User can edit notes either in-place, or in separate editor.
2. In-place editing is enabled by default and activated via double click, since double click should activate default editing mode.
3. Note's context menu has "Open in editor" item.
4. It should have a hotkey (F2 feels native for Windows), in case it gets disabled.
5. Notes are in read-only mode by default. Ability to switch to "Always use editor mode" should be discussed in another thread.
6. A toolbar with Tags, Link and "Save" and "Discard" buttons should appear in editing mode (and disappear in read mode).
7. If "rich editing" [1] gets implemented, it's toolbar should also appear in editing mode.

Optional sub-features:

1. Fade other notes, when current one is edited.
2. We could get rid of "Tags" field, by mergin it with note's tag bar (the one under the Title). So tags could be entered there inline, allowing to create new tags right there.
3. Tagging experience could be enhanced by "tags drag-n-drop" [2] feature. User could drag tags from sidebar onto edited note.
4. Semantics of ctrl- and shift-clicking tags on the sidebar could change in in-place editing mode to add or remove tags to the currently edited note.

Implementing sub-features 3 and 4 would cover the "tag picker control" [3] functionlaity. However, it would still be needed for editing notes in separate editor.


[1] "rich editing"

[2] "tag drag-n-drop"

[3] "tag picker control
burrum, thanks a lot for your input! It will be for sure taken into consideration when this feature gets to implementation phase.

I believe that what Alex proposed is a VERY serious issue, I find it easier to have one window open for my notes and not two, particularly if you work with 10 programs running at the same time, the telephones ringing (notes, notes) and if one in my skype, ICQ or MSN lists pops up also, then where is the editor window of my notes....simply not ergonomic at some peak times!


Just as an info how other applications solve this: http://quotepad.info
Quotepad is an application very similar to CintaNotes (but not as mighty). It does not open a new window but expands the existing list of notes temporary to allow editing. Maybe not exactly what some of you wanted - but at least one variant that makes the UI simpler.
This is really important -  +1 from me; 
This one is crucial in terms of minimalist workflow rather than having to deal with numerous windows just to create/edit notes.  Also, the main window should be optimized for smaller screen size.  Currently it's using way too much space. Please take a look at ResophNotes to get a better idea.
As you see there are plenty of votes for this one, so we're seriously thinking about implementing this!