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Notes window; opened at specific position by title; tools available?

Han54377 hace 9 años actualizado por Alex Jenter hace 9 años 5
At the moment, when notes are opened and links are followed in those notes, other notes window open in a random position (I think after positioning, the current position is stored).
But even position is stored; is it stored by CintaNotes or by Windows? An auto-arrange after note creation would be a great help.

It would be nice if the notes would position and size by part of the title of the window.

I looked after a tool doing this like Pistaschio, Actual Window Manager or WinSplit Revolution; but didn't find one making this possible.

Any idea or tool known?

Thanks a lot!
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I am not saying that my suggestion Remember Window Position is better suited to fulfill your requirement. You can also check the discussion there. Chris suggested a tool that might handle the job there. I agree with you that there is a need for a better system of positioning windows. FYI: CintaNotes remembers the last x-numbers of window positions and uses them for opening a new window. This is quite awkward since most people don't understand the implementation. It is like having the windows jumping randomly on the screen. Actually there are at least two requirements. Positioning windows for new notes and for existing notes. 
Just to inform: the tool "Actual Window Manager" does window matching by title (even with RegEx) and has also a divider/layout for the desktop. (www.actualtools.com; price 50USD)

Further, see the layout of MS Visual Studio; I don't know how people are using CintaNotes, but I could imagine using it on a second monitor fullscreen with dockable windows with additional tabs in each panel.
But that's a really big change...
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Thanks for the suggestion! 
I can see that you propose some kind of auto-arrangement rules for note windows, however I can't quite grasp the details.
What exactly does "position by part of title" mean? There are commonly used terms like "tile" or "cascade", which one you have in mind (or probably neither)?
Hello Alex!

At the moment, the note windows are opened nearly randomly.
For me it's a problem, that when You use linking from note to note, the windows open not arranged in any form.
"By title" is my idea for classification of a window to send it to a position.
There are many ways leading to an arranged view of notes; positioning absolute or MDI-windows like in Excel, where a window is encapsulated by the main Excel-window (o.k., MS did split it in the taskbar again...).
Both ways have advantages and disadvantages (see also old and new GIMP).

"can't quite grasp" is correct; that's because the tagging is so universal, that a list e. g. of persons in a note should not exist.
The list of links in a note is somewhat competing against the tagging itself...

What I can say when seeing other software is: putting the notes arranged in the main program window, like the tagging and note list, is probably the way to handle this.
So, the view should be: left hand the tagging list, in the right block the note list and below the note(s) self, opened in a tab panel with a little pin to keep tabs open or not when selecting another note from list.

I will check if there is a suggestion for this or open one myself.

So in fact you're proposing the 3rd view with tabs?
Nice idea!
Actually the 3rd view has already been proposed here:

It has already collected a number of votes, I suggest we merge your request with that one, and you can add there a comment about tabs and link navigation. This way you have a lot more votes and therefore chances to see this implemented ;) What do you say?