open all links inside a single note

Thomas Lohrum 12 років тому оновлено Alex Jenter 11 років тому 3
I add all my links to CintaNotes. I prefer CintaNotes over my browser's bookmark functionality. I can search more easy and add any search words i like too. It's even independet from any browser. Especially i use it to group links.


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text: Now i would like to open all links of the note's text with a single action. The action should be available by context menu and a shortcut. A mouse action could be implemented by using Shift+Ctrl+click on one of the links.

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Just had a note with 4 links I needed to open - so this feature would have come in handy - got my vote ;-)

As for the shortcut F7 could be used in the notes editor, just as with the link field. For the notes list it is not possible to distinguish between URLs in the link field or the notes text. Thus i suggest to enhance F7 to always open all links in the notes text and the link field. This is true for the notes list and the notes editor.

 We have tried to implement this (with Shift+F7) but there're unfortunately technical difficulties: we've found no reliable way to make it work (open several URLs in different tabs) for all browsers. Either a new window is opened for each URL, or the same tab is used over and over, leaving only the last URL open.

Shift+F7 will be there in 1.8.3, but if it's not working for your browser, there's probably little we can do.