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Search Modifier

Chris Moore vor 10 Jahren aktualisiert vor 10 Jahren 7
I have my search bar set to 'tags' for all of my notebooks, as the tag is the primary means for me of locating notes. However, from time to time, I like to do other searches - such as full text. In this case, I have to change the search field to full text, do the search, and then change it back to tags afterwards. It would be nice to have a search modifier - I suggest the > character - that we could type at the beginning of the search field to have CN do a full text search, regardless of what the search field is set to search.

In my example, the search field would be set to tags. If I then type the following, CN will do a full text search for the word:
> test
(Will do a full text serach for the word 'test')
Good idea, Chris! The only thing I don't like is that it is a bit of a "hidden feature" - you have to read help to learn about it. Any ideas how to make it less subtle?
At the moment, there are two icons in the search field. A magnifying glass and what I think is meant to be a tag. I would add a third icon, the > symbol and when it is clicked, have the dropdown say "full text search". At that point, the user should understand what it means, especially if the dropdown text has a tick next to it to indicate 'active' (or in the spirit of the dropdown when you click the tag icon, an orange highlight around it). Of course, it does require them to actually click the icon at least once, but they would not have to hunt through the help file for it.
Chris, actually you're exactly describing what happens when you click on the second icon. A dropdown is shown, where you can activate the full text search (by selecting "Any Text Field" or "Anywhere"). There's also a shortcut for it: Alt+Down, A (or G to return Tag search)
Yes, but I want to avoid having to use shortcut keys or click the dropdown, which is why I want the > character. If I am the only one to have asked for it, it is probably just easier to mention it in the helpfile and leave it at that. If anyone else is interested in it, they will find it.
Ok, but we still need to collect some votes to start implementing this.
Yep, that is fair enough!