Make all the text in the search field selected when pressing "Ctrl+F".

Ruslan 14 years ago updated by Alex Jenter 13 years ago 6
When I want to search for another word I have to backspace the previous word by one character. It is slow. If it is selected, I could just click delete.

See how it works in Firefox. Press "Ctrl+F" in FF several times. You will see what I mean.
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Have you tried just starting typing the new word, without pressing Ctrl+F?
Yes, I tried.

1. Start the program. Input "text". The program gives you the note with the word "text" in it. Double-click on the note. Edit it if you want. So far, no problem. Minimize the program.

2. After 10 minutes you want to find another note with the word "123". What you do? With the shortcut you launch the program, press Ctrl-F to the get the cursor in the search field.

And here comes the problem. If you press "123", you end up with "text123". So first you need to delete the previous search line "text". How can you do it?
- press "backspace" 4 times
- press Esc and then press "Ctrl-F" again

3. The solution is to select the text in search field when pressing "Ctrl-F". This way you can just press "123" right away, the previous text will be automatically deleted. If you need it (for example, you want "texts" this time), just press arrow button "Right", the selection will be removed.
Tried again. Now I see what you mean. Yes, it can be done, thank you. But I still think my idea makes things easy to understand. Especially for those who use FireFox often. Anyway, thanks for great program.
Yes, I meant don't press Ctrl+F to get to the search field. When you start typing you get there automatically.

In general I see your point. But on the other hand, current behavior allows me to correct the search term without typing it all over again.
Let's see how the vote goes. If it is popular with the users I'll do it, this is actually quite easy.
After using the program for a while I realize my idea does make sense. Usually you don't need to press Ctrl-F when correcting the search term. You just type it right away. But if you do press Ctrl-F, you more often want to search for another term. Still, you can correct the old term by pressing right arrow. I really want this feature.
As I see it, you want the Ctrl+F combo give you search box focus AND select the text.
And the purpose is to instantly clean the query when you're entering a new one.
But if the search box has no focus (you're browsing notes with up/down arrows) and you start typing, it resets the query so you're typing a new one from scratch.
So I only see this feature serving as "select all" command (like Shift+Home or Ctrl+A) when the search box is focused.

But I don't mind the idea, my Opera has the same (as FF) behavior :)