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Okay, I looked. I think it is an awesome need that many people have, especially if they

switch to CN. Then, they realize that they need it. Casual-Users: NO; your Core-Audience: YES.

So, also in my honest opinion & thoughts (as I develop too), kind-of move away from the

Voting. Just because people don't vote, doesn't mean they don't want it or need it. Just

lot of people don't have time to come on these Forums and monkey-with writing down

their ideas. I'd read the Ideas / Commentaries and centralize those topics into new

feature sets. And, people also can't find the topic (only the Developer can because

they have the time & read all of the Forum) -- like me ... I don't have time to look through

all the postings to attach my idea to a topic. I would and willing to, but I lose billable

time by not cranking crap out. So I just jot and go on.

But, I'm a Big Fan and hope you include those features in days / weeks ahead. It'd

really help me and many more poeple (probablY) be more productive with CN.


I've got to do other things now.  But here are some ideas where you have many options on the

expansions.  I hate Excel where you can't really customize it.  LIke someone else said, I have

a special VB code to build date correctly.  Wish they just let me string together:

  { HH-MM-DD (ddd) @ HH:MM ampm}

And it exapnds into what I need.  But Microsoft didn't realize its importance, neither, I think.

Some random internet screenshots to illustrate.

See expansion here ... Ordinal-Number-by-Co....png
MORE LIKE THIS -- free-flowing ... microsof....jpg


Thank you.  SHould be simple.  I could throw it together in no time in VB6.  Popup window with a

textbox to describe the formatting.  Then, visual text underneath to show WHAT expands to WHAT.

Then, a textbox at bottom that is unedited which shows the expansion of what you typed in top box.

Then, a button to test it.  That simple. 

Then, people could grab texts from emails (like I do), and click F5 to stamp when you got it.

Then, start writing what you are doing, then timestamp F5 to show when things started, etc.

We timestamp alot to communicate that things are getting done & when received & when we

started it, etc. 

So, like someone else said, pain-in-butt to have to write AutoText in another app (like Hotkeys or

some app they named) for Phrase Expansion, which should be contained here.

Thanks for listening.

Somebodies, please, be clicking the UPVOTES.  We all need this, my fellow CintaNote Buddies ...

I say this is essential.  I added a comment on the Forum page.  Let me copy it here ...

[UI] [Editing] Hate how F5 works -- wish I could control it ...

    Post by Hef_WannaBe » Wed Mar 27, 2019 4:46 am

    Big fan of CintaNotes here, but I dislike this feature and really think it kindof needs to be revised.

    Okay, I don't like how when I hit F5, it gives the date in the format that THE DEVELOPER WANTED.

    I want it to look like this ... {03-27-2019 (Wed) @ 4:59am}

    That is how we have to have things in our organization. So, be nice to hit F5 then it create it
    with Day and Time in format that is mandated. I can't use how DEVELOPER set it up.

    Why not have a screen to let us shape how the Date on F5 is formatted. Very simple, and
    I think that lot of people would like it to be editable.

    That rewrite / revision should be quick and easy.