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Tag hierarhies wouldn't be useful in this case, because chosen tags could be selected from different branches/hierarhies.
But I think that "virtual tags" a.k.a "saved search queries" placed near common tags, would be ideal. In the comments section of that topic Boris Monti mentioned this:
> With logical-expressions-for-tag-search-like-tag1-and-not-tag2-or-tag3
> it could be interresting

So virtual tags with "saved search option" and "tag selection option", i.e. (tag1 OR tag2 OR TEXT like 'todo') are way beyond my expectations!

Arseniy, could you also check this

please? That suggestion is quite old, and it's not very popular (maybe because there are not many Russain users of CN), but as far as I understand it's not very hard to implement, and it seems like very harmless change. I'm a bit tired of clicking through all of these meaningless

Actually these are two related questions:

1) option to assign some tags on new notes, it will help to sort it later;

2) option to left tags empty when hotkey "new note" pressed in another app.

 It seems like everything is ok now, thanks!

btw, how can I change default tab size (somethere in the settings file)?