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In case anybody is interested: I found a tool (not freeware but reasonable priced) that will remember all the window positions and sizes and can restore them automatically. >> Desksoft WindowManager
This tool can do more but - as I found out - this also works great with the editor windows of CN.
You could even add some clever rules to open e.g. 'Tasks' on a special position  (if you can identify a task from the text in the title bar).

I can recommend "startup delayer": http://www.r2.com.au/page/products/show/startup-de...
which I find to be very useful anyway.
I would at least want:
1) a hotkey to trigger it
2) a visual clue (eg. a special addition to the window title or a special windows icon)
CN remembers the positions of the last windows BUT NOT note specific (or am I wrong here?). So if I open Note1 and Note2 bring them into position - close them - and open Note2 first and then Note1 -> the postions are swapped.
You asked Thomas: "So basically you want CN to remember position of any note that has once been opened"
and I thought the concern would be the amount of (partly unnecessary) positions that have to be stored 'forever'.
So I suggested to give those information an expiration date (keep info for X days). The window positions stored could then be deleted after X days have passed.

Does this make sense?
But maybe I didn't get the real problem you where talking about ;-(
I can think of two ways this could be realized...

1) An option to specify "remember the position of the last open editor windows for X days"
2) A special 'pin option' (an icon on every window) so one can manually choose to remember this window position.

I would prefer option 1.
Thanks for your reply. Do you have any example where one would prefer subsections over tags?

I'm still trying to find out whether I should vote for this feature or not ;-)
I am interested in this idea but can't really imagine how this would have an advantage over hierarchical tags?
For the special situation you described wouldn't it suffice to
- have one section for your writings
- use tags to distinguish between thriller, horror, action...`?


My first thought was - in some cases this like tag hierarchies (e.g. your example with hobbies).
My second thought was - this is very similar to 'saved search queries' requested here:
http://roadmap.cintanotes.com/topic/15284-saved-pr... (which is already 'planned')

Maybe we could/should store the 'saved search queries' as virtual tags in the tag sidebar. This would nearly fulfill your request - wouldn't it?

I understand, that this is not top priority - even I rarely use the simplenote sync and just wanted to report the problem.

If you want to collect votes before considering this problem I suggest to convert this to a feature request (I don't think people really vote for bug fixes - they assume bugs just get fixed). This is more like a missing feature.

Thanks Chris
so to use "Markdown" seems like a solution