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I disagreed there.

Hi Thomas
Even though we often agree - this time I have to disagree (sorry).

I will NOT vote against this request because the basic idea (encryption based on sections) is not a bad one.
BUT I strongly disagree that such a feature would supersede an encryption based on tags.

Here is my reason:
One note can only be stored in exactly 1 section - that's the concept behind it - and that makes the sections very special. We must think twice before we decide to use a tag or a section.
I for instance use them to separate private and work related notes. Now I will have the need to encrypt both, private notes and work related notes. And I am not willing to put them into an extra section for this purpose.
It would be much more convenient (for me) to assign a tag that will cause the note to be encrypted.

Maybe you could edit your request to make it an additional one to the tag based encryption.


As this request fully satisfies my needs, we can cancel my old request and focus on this one.

Thanks for your comment.
If you mean that we have to consider the 'ALL' section -> I fully agree. (This request was written before sections did exist.) So this shortcut could also set the active section to 'All'. If others don't like this specific part of the request it could be easily only an option.

Great you like it and thanks for voting.
You can find parts of this discussion here: forum

Hi Peter

I also have started to use CN while it was completely free. And yes, I would love to get every great piece of software for free. But everything comes at some cost.

What I fear most is that the development for CN will stop, so I do my best to support it.

I also paid a small amount for the license and never regreted it.
It is in the nature of the idea that some features you really like are only available in the paid version -> otherwise no one would buy it.

The support Alex provides is outstanding and many companies with expensive software fail at this point. The software is great and the price is reasonable.

At the end of the day Alex has to earn a living and I am willing to help:
  • contribute time to help others in the forum or discuss features
  • make CN as popular as possible
  • pay a small amount of money to support development.

And as you can see - Alex is more than generous and thankful for any help.

So I hope we will soon see you back in the community of happy CN users.

Thanks Alex

Merry Christmas

to you and those who help CN growing

As you said: there is a difference between the visual selection of tags and the logical selection.
You are referring to the visual effect and I understand your argument and agree. This would be simpler to understand for most of the users.
I had the logical selection in mind - but you are right ;-)

So only this is a bug:
If I deselect a child -> the parent should stay selected (if it was selected before).

Thanks - This describes very well what I am hoping for.