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WOW! :) That's some good news!
Thank you :)))))
You started implementing this idea, excellent!

Can you tell us when can we expect it?
Already did :) But icons are not the problem... They are just a designers touch.
I have read both suggestions. To be frank, I don't know... Cycling through edit windows, introducing new window to hold edit windows... If you think that's the right way, go for it.

Personally I like to use what I already have. Point 'n' click.

My suggestion is really trivial. Just reverse order of strings. Or remove redundant "edit" string.
You can even change icon for edit window to be something different from CN icon. That will be nice touch :)
Really?  Only Cint... can be read. If you can distinguish between those Edits, I can not.
Maybe a picture is worth a thousand words ;)

What is the size of note?

Lines, bytes, KB, MB...
Ok, now I understand :)
It's cool if you use votes to prioritize tasks :)))
If it helps, all browsers use ALT + left/right arrows for back/forward
Yes, if default settings are like CN is now, people will never notice difference.

It will not harm project if it's implemented weather people like it or not!

If you do not use it, you'll never know it's there.
If you use it, you'll just use it.