Your comments

Hello Alex!

At the moment, the note windows are opened nearly randomly.
For me it's a problem, that when You use linking from note to note, the windows open not arranged in any form.
"By title" is my idea for classification of a window to send it to a position.
There are many ways leading to an arranged view of notes; positioning absolute or MDI-windows like in Excel, where a window is encapsulated by the main Excel-window (o.k., MS did split it in the taskbar again...).
Both ways have advantages and disadvantages (see also old and new GIMP).

"can't quite grasp" is correct; that's because the tagging is so universal, that a list e. g. of persons in a note should not exist.
The list of links in a note is somewhat competing against the tagging itself...

What I can say when seeing other software is: putting the notes arranged in the main program window, like the tagging and note list, is probably the way to handle this.
So, the view should be: left hand the tagging list, in the right block the note list and below the note(s) self, opened in a tab panel with a little pin to keep tabs open or not when selecting another note from list.

I will check if there is a suggestion for this or open one myself.

Just to inform: the tool "Actual Window Manager" does window matching by title (even with RegEx) and has also a divider/layout for the desktop. (; price 50USD)

Further, see the layout of MS Visual Studio; I don't know how people are using CintaNotes, but I could imagine using it on a second monitor fullscreen with dockable windows with additional tabs in each panel.
But that's a really big change...