Your comments

The difficulty with WYSIWYM is that CintaNotes functionality is centered around being able to quickly copy and paste text content from elsewhere using a few simple hotkeys. If you converted to WYSIWYM, you would need a way to past the content with the appropriate markup to preserve formatting, and you'd also need to worry about having two different views of the text: the markup view and the formatted view. This adds a whole new layer of complexity to the product.

I would also like to see an additional export option added to the product. In addition to the current scope options, the user should be able to choose between the following type of export formats:

  • Single file - Current functionality. All notes are exported into a single file sorted by their date/timestamp.
  • Individual notes by section - All notes in each section are exported into a separate file (i.e. each section equals a separate file). Each file is named after their respective section.
  • Individual notes by note name - All notes are exported into separate files individually. Duplicate note names have a numeric value appended. Invalid characters are replaced with a standard equivalent.