Your comments

Hi Alex, 
Could you inform us about the roadmap for mobile integration? By providing a simple solution first, you could harvest a new user base, as more and more people are moving to 'mobile only/mobile-until-another-platform-is-unavoidable'. It could enlarge your fan-base enormously if you would start to implement a read-only app. A 'Cintareader for Android' (or even Iphone) with the simplest of a search function, that would enable users to do a fast lookup of info held in the PC-based database. Simple, no integration with other apps. Doable, methinks!

If users have an idea of the timeline for such a solution, it could keep them from looking around for existing alternatives.
For now, I love the sheer simplicity of your application and would be happy to stick to it for life in its present form (well, almost, exept for my modest wish list . . . ), so please give us a reason for keeping loving it and getting to love it even more in the future.

It is one of the power features I use all day long when formatting notes.
Please bring it back, maybe make it a preference setting.
It realy beats selecting a whole line, everytime you want format a header
When you want to format part of a line, selecting that would already work fine.

No bug, but one of my favorites!

Would very much like the double option Ctrl-shift-enter and Ctrl-shift-s as suggested bij Thomas.

Global safe would be nice for my computer that crashes once in a while, which is no fun with 5 to 10 Cinta windows open. Save plus close is just very convenient for quickly cleaning up a cluttered screen. It is a feature that I would use very very frequently.