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My main argument for this is convenience from having single place for issues, single backlog for tasks, and single inbox for updates. I still believe it's possible with proper definition of workflow, permissions and filters. For example (open image in new tab for full view):

To be more specific, "Delete notes older than X days", not to be confused with "Empty Recycle Bin every X days", so every note lives X days.

30 days is a sane default value.

I start missing a normal issue tracker with "Affected versions" and "Fixed versions" fields.

Possibly related: Ctrl+TAB does not insert TAB character, but instead formats text as indented. Cannot select this indent because it's not TAB char but formatted indent. If copy-paste text indented like this into regular notepad, indent turns into 3 spaces.

Conditions: Options > Editor > Auto-Indent off, Options > Editor > Text formatting off

Alex, if this is different I'll create a separate bug.

Probably related: when pasting plaintext (from notepad) numbered list

1. Abc<br>2. Cde<br>3. Fgh

into CN with disabled fromatting, it becomes formatted "Numbered List" with no option to make it plaintext (2.0.1).

I just realized why semantic markup is better than style markup. It makes easier for other content presentation systems to parse and present the content.

For example, if all websites agreed to put semantic markup into their pages, we could fetch any article processed by automated distraction-removal tools like ViewText.org. This, however, would lead to smaller metrics most sites yearn for, like page views, search engine popularity, unique visitors, etc.

Don't really use this feature, so I can only see its easier than Ctrl+Shift+Del. Can also consider F1-12 keys.

Generally, keymaps are configurable in many programs. You never know what part of keyboard user is more comfortable with, and he may also use non qwerty layout.

Sane defaults still worth thinking, though.
Agree. Type shall also be changed from bug. I cannot edit it though.

Okay, Shift+Del and Alt+Del are not best ideas. But double-click+Del mouse/keyboard combo is not handy either.

I have two arguments for Ctrl+Del:

* Working Ctrl+Backspace and not working Ctrl+Delete is inconsistent

* Ctrl+Delete works in any text field of any Windows program.