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>> It is like a sort of parallel (color) tagging (hopefuly with the search opportunity).

I imagine search query like "buy milk $red[12,240] $green[100,150] $blue[200,220]"


Let me correct myself a little. Scintilla component doesn't provide rich formatting - you won't make Word-like texts in it (with various fonts, shadows, text rotation, images, video and animation), it's more for source code processing. But the general idea was not to code so much from scratch.

Why in tooltips? Yes, it's less visual noise, but less accessible. And would these counters would really make so much noise?

Consider this option. Tag counter usage counters appear in the sidebar, in the tag cells, vertically aligned to the right. Font size is same as tag name font size - 8 (doubt less is possible). Font color is less contrast than tag name font color. Color might be the same as used in selected counter in the top right. It could look like this (maybe with little more contrast.

Also, if it's possible to make counters font less than tag name font, counter numbers should be horizontally aligned so that their vertical centers would be same high as tag name centers.

Where exactly would tags be placed in "Inline" mode?
Although 4 spaces is the most accepted standart for replacing tabs, another possible related option is "Replace TAB by X spaces", where X is configurable.

Sounds like incorporating Windows shortcuts function into CintaNotes.

Shall we add some details on the mechanics?

Firstly, how to handle dead file links?

Secondly, "drag & drop files to notes" may be related to the following items:

  1. Drop file into note editor window -> "Link" field is overwritten with the file path
  2. Drop file into main window, release mouse button over a certain note -> that note's "Link" field is overwritten with the file path. No confirmation dialog, but "overwrite" warning is rendered near cursor if the "Link" field is not empty [~overwrite existing note field]
  3. Drop file into main window, release mouse button over a certain note -> new note is added, "Link" field is populated with file path [~create new note, as opposed to #2]
  4. Same as #3, with the ability to act as #2 if Shift or Ctrl is held down at the moment of mouse button release [~action 2 and 3 merged]
  5. Drop file into main window, release mouse button over a tag in the sidebar -> create new note with that tag, populate "Link" field with file path
  6. Drop file into main window, release mouse button over any other zone (including empty space and search bar) -> create new note with no tags, populate "Link" field with file path

One, or combination of the above items may be implemented.

Also, please fix the link to the forum thread (the extra ';' signt after "t" key).

This issue is related to "In-place note editing" feature

and I think it will not be a problem if that feature gets implemented.

Could you add some detail on the issue?

Does CintaNotes work slow when running on the client machine, that connects to the server via terminal client (like PuTTY), which means it interfers with terminal client,


you somehow connected to a CintaNotes instance run on a remote server, using a terminal program on the client?

In addition to page and file, CintaNotes could try to capture document's metadata like Author or Title fields, in case the file names are messy.