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In addition to thoughts posted on forum, I thought of the ability to scroll note preview with mouse wheel if left (or right) mouse button is holded down on that note.
Of course, that's what UserEcho is for (as I see it). We dump all our ideas here, and those ones who survive all critics, discussions and planning, and most important, get approved by creator, will make it to the release.

This is the hard one, because there's a huge difference between making narrowly specialized application, and building a super-extensive framework to support various replacable components on any layer of the system.

For example, look Miranda IM. You can customize anything, but the price is - it's not easy for a beginner.
Indeed it's the simpliest solution.

On the other hand, deleted items and auto-saved have slightly different origin.

Deleted and canceled items look almost the same, but if we ever go auto-saving, sending it to trash wouldn't be correct.

What I'm saying is that 3 possible scenarios exist when CN saves notes without user explicitly pressing Ok. And 2 may be covered with Recycle Bin.
I've found the bottleneck - my browser tries to load a widged from addthis.com, waits for 20 seconds and fails. Of course no action going on the screen this time.

I don't know in what way it gets broken on the way from addthis server to me (may be my provider, or higher level provider, or whatever), could anybody check please?

Here's a request log I took with great FF plugin HttpFox, you can see the lag in red line:

Sergey, I haven't found how to send you this via email or PM, so I'm posting it here. Hope I don't disclose any of UserEcho mechanisms with this picture :)

UPDATE: I could temporary solve the lag problem by blocking s7.addthis.com in Opera.
As I see it, you want the Ctrl+F combo give you search box focus AND select the text.
And the purpose is to instantly clean the query when you're entering a new one.
But if the search box has no focus (you're browsing notes with up/down arrows) and you start typing, it resets the query so you're typing a new one from scratch.
So I only see this feature serving as "select all" command (like Shift+Home or Ctrl+A) when the search box is focused.

But I don't mind the idea, my Opera has the same (as FF) behavior :)
If we remember only ONE last unsaved note, we get a problem of overwriting it by another cancelled note. Scenario:

1. Start a New Note. Write some text.
2. Start another New Note, write there.
3. Cancel second note, CN auto-saves it.
4. Cancel first note, CN auto-saves this one and kills a copy of second one.

I suggest adding system "draft" tag (tag name could be defined by user). Cancelled notes would get this label.

Additionally, this enables future implementation of auto-saving feature for big notes (just like GMail auto-saves big letters to Draft label), if we ever want it.
I missed it out..

Just trying not to bring any new entities unless it's inevitable.

Is there any possibility to combine both approaches and keep trash-tagged notes also boolean-marked in the DB (i.e. keep trash-tag presense and DB "deleted" column value synchronized)?
This would contribute to full intuitive state saving.
1. On categories: that sounds complex.. I'm afraid we loose CN's key simplicity here. I see these categories with their flags (states/statuses/values/whatever) just as another set of tags. I mean they serve similar purpose, but bring a new entity in.

Could this feature be covered by "tag hierarchy" feature? Just make your "task" lvl1 tag and some lvl2 aggregated tags (Urgency, Progress). And further we have 2 variants:

1.1. 3rd tag level. "Urgency" has 3 aggregated lvl3 tags: low/normal/high. "Status" (or "Progress") has 5 aggregated lvl3 tags: New/Started/On Hold/Completed/Cancelled. I'd choose this one.

1.2. Implement parametrized tags, so "Urgency" and "Progress" will have their values. Though.. Where we have values, there we need types, and that's another problem..

2. On colors: for notes with many colored tags we could go color mixing :)
Actually got 2 more ideas here:

2.1. Still make possible assigning colors to tags, but use these colors as a background for tags displayed in notes. Just like in customizable GMail labels. Human eye reacts on color faster than on the text. Here's a sketch:

It would be nice to also color their backgrounds in the tag panel (didn't reflect it on sketch).
And I didn't make the tag font contrast enough, so we could enable the user to select tag font color too, OR prepare some ready (and well defined) background-foreground pairs, like GMail does for labels.

2.2. Do we want to color notes? Let's color notes! Just add color selection control in the note creation/editing window. Simple, ha? No extra entities.

2.2.1. Little detail here (one of many variants ofc). Color may be picked from one of the N (configurable) boxes with configurable colors. I've made a little sketch:

An example of colored note:
As a variant: call them "pinned" and draw a small stylish togglable pin icon in the titlebar to the right (where's the creation date is).

Or "starred" with star icons (as guys on forum suggested).

BUT. We have to realize it's a complication of UI.

If we don't want that, option #4 on forum is better. It was about making "top"/"starred"/"pinned"/"configurable?" tag which affects display order.

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