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Actually you can see all files in Open dialog though it's not very obvious:

just type asterisk (*) into File name field and hit Enter. 

This makes the dialog's filter to include all files, and then you can choose whatever file you want.

Btw, Alex,

if you choose to open any file other than .db, the empty "Error" message box appears. 

Maybe it would be better to show something like "Not a CN notebook" in there.

Looks like i'm not the only one to use Opera as a notes tool =)

A couple of hints if this really be chosen for implementation:

- the first line in a note is used as a title

- there can be named folders/subfolders with notes - can be used as tag groups in Cinta

Regarding the tags - I guess it would be better to not assign any tags than to take them from note contents and accidentally end up polluting the tag space with some unmeaningfull stuff.