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1.8.2_Beta1 works perfectly.  Thanks!

- Jeff W.

FYI, I reinstalled version 1.7.1 and it works fine.  Something changed in 1.8...


Sorry, I somehow missed this request before.

I tried 1.8.1Beta4 and got the same result.  For the heck of it, I also tried creating a folder in My Documents and putting it there instead of in my C:\Shareware (x86) directory, just to rule out any problem with permissions.  Interestingly, this time it didn't even run for 2 seconds.  It started and quit so fast that ProcessExplorer didn't even notice it.

I have uploaded the process list again to this location:

Jeff W.


If you don't think this will be resolved quickly (like, in another day or two), then I need to downgrade to 1.7.1 ASAP.  I'm dead in the water without my CintaNotes!  Can you send me a link to download 1.7.1, since I didn't keep a copy?

Jeff W.


I found a service called Machine Debug Manager, which is part of Visual Studio.  I stopped and disabled the service, but that didn't help either.


The Microsoft Windows System Information program produced 200 lines of tab-separated-value output.  You can download it within the next 7 days from this link:


Jeff W.

Um, yes, please see the rest of this thread :-)


Ok, so I'm not convinced that I completely uninstalled, as I was trying to reinstall at different locations around my disk.  The first few times I used the Windows uninstall feature, but later I got lazy and just deleted the folders.  Perhaps I messed something up?  Is there anything in the registry I need to clear?  Do I need to reboot?  However, note that after I installed 1.8.1 beta, I started it (or tried to) by double-clicking the .exe file directly, so I wasn't relying on any shortcuts.  Any log files I can collect?  Also if you would like to troubleshoot this using a web share, I can arrange that.


Thanks, Thomas. Unfortunately this didn't change the behavior at all.


 I updated CintaNotes to version 1.8 and now it will not start up.  Watching processexplorer, I see the process starting, then immediately terminating.  I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. 

One point of interest: I have always had CintaNotes installed in my C:\shareware folder, which is protected in the same way that C:\Program Files is protected.  This has always worked fine, but today in trying to debug this problem I noticed that there is no CintaNotes folder in %APPDATA%.  I would have expected the database to be there instead of under C:\shareware\CintaNotes, where it is now.  So I tried uninstalling and reinstalling under "C:\Program Files (x86)" instead.  But there was still no change in behavior, and still no CintaNotes in %APPDATA%.  I also tried "C:\Program Files", same result.

Another point of interest: When I start CintaNotes.exe from the Windows command line, I get a popup box which says, "Debugger is found on this machine", before it terminates.  I'm not sure what debugger it has found.  I believe at one time I had Microsoft Visual C++ installed on this system, but haven't used it for years.

I'm using Windows 7.

Would appreciate a resolution as soon as possible since I am currently unable to use the product at all, and I need it badly!